Welcome to Pinedora!

Pinedora Farms is a Non-profit 501 (c)3 organization.  We are committed to providing our communities with year-round freshly picked organic produce, with a focus on Educational Programs, Children’s Farming Programs, Alternative Energy, Holistic Nutrition & Cooking classes, Healing through natural remedies (real food, herbs, therapies etc), Self-sustainability.  We are located in the White Mountains of Northern Arizona at an elevation of 6,500′.

Surf around our website pages, go to our videos, blogs, newsletters and more! You can buy products & services to help you with better health and wellness in our SHOP.  If there is something you can’t find, but are in need of, contact us and let us know.  If we can help you and create it, then we will do that!

Connect with us on our Facebook page at Northern Arizona Homesteaders link on our sidebar on all of the other pages and watch the videos!.

Our Core Services

Organic Farming

Our goals are to provide “year-round” organically grown produce to our local communities.  We offer to restaurants, farmer’s markets, and “U-Pick” straight from our farm. We are open to specialty produce that you need grown but can’t find.

Educational Programs

Pinedora Farms has a strong focus on education and wellness. We are planning on-site workshops, tours, classes with a strong focus on children’s farming programs and group retreats to our farm. Within the next year we will offer online education.  Follow us as we continue to build our programs to share with others. “Knowledge is Power.” Along with these programs, we intend on building a separate building to hold various classes in the large kitchen on how to cook, prepare healthy foods, snacks, detox etc.  For those who wish to have an extended stay to learn more about our homesteading and self-sustaining operations, there will be rooms for them to stay in our bed and breakfast area.  Relaxation and spa time is also important to good health, and we plan on having special areas for that!

Wellness Programs

We believe “true” wellness comes from considering “Mind-Body-Spirit” as one.  A person can eat healthy & exercise regularly, yet still develop illnesses uncommon for a “healthy lifestyle”. Your attitude and emotional well-being plays an important role in overall health and wellness, which should not be forgotten. If you’re looking to finally stop all of the “diet or new fad programs” and regain your health again, look at our program in our shop.  You must be an ACTIVE participant in your own health.

Member’s Only Services

As a membership-based non-profit organization, we offer specific wellness sessions, products & services for our members that are not available to the general public.